2018 Safety & Infrastructure Track Keynote: IoP > IoT

Every day, you hear the buzz about the enormous potential of IoT. None would disagree that things are important to connect, and Hexagon is connecting millions of devices that are advancing Smart and Safe Cities. But yours is a higher calling than connecting simply “things.”

We will never achieve Smart Cities together unless we enable an Internet of People (IoP) – from those men and women who deliver essential public services to the citizens who benefit from them. Just like IoT, an IoP must be seamless, real-time, and always available wherever and whenever you need it.

Watch Steven Cost, President of Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division, as he shares the huge potential of IoP, how quickly it’s evolving, and what we can expect in the future.

8 months agoJuly 10, 2018
Agreed the "IOP" concept. We have to move forward with "IOT".
I would like to learn more about the Smart City, hence do add me in your prospect list
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